hello, we are avolta

Our Management Team consists of seasoned solar, operational, financial, and sales professionals who work exceptionally well together as we move with purpose and intensity.

This is a world-class team who has already lived through every conceivable stage of business, and is prepared to lead this company to its fullest potential. 

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Jared Fager


Jared considers himself a native of both Utah and Alaska. He got into solar for its ability to help both employees and customers change their lives.


Adam Coomer


Adam is a Seattle native that has been in the solar industry since 2011. He is the oldest of 7 kids and now lives in Utah with his wife and 4 children.

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Michael Kaelin

cofounder, vp of sales

Michael leads the development of sales teams and nationwide expansion for the company. He is a Utah native that lives for fishing in Alaska every summer.

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Matt Chism

regional cro

Matt has over 22 years of industry experience leading and developing sales teams. He grew up in a small town riding horses and hopes to ride in that same small town where he grew up.

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JP Arlie

regional cro

JP moved to Highland, Utah from California in 2016 with his wife Anne and kids. He has degree in Managerial Economics from UC Davis and is a graduate of the Leadership Development program at Harvard Business School.

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Brady Gurr

evp, solar ops

Brady has been in the solar industry since 2005 and has installed over 100 megawatts of solar throughout his career. He now lives in Utah with his wife, 4 kids, and goldendoodle Dolly.

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Ryan Barclay


Ryan joined the Avolta team in 2020 with two decades of experience in asset management and financial consulting. He has worked with companies across the entire energy sector. Ryan is a Utah native, and enjoys everything the unique landscape has to offer.

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Shayne Durfee

director, field ops

Shayne went to school for energy management and is passionate about the environment. He owns and operates a farm animal rescue on 20 acres. He and his wife are working towards a 100% sustainable and a carbon neutral ranch.

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Grant Hatch

director, operations

Grant is an Utah native who loves playing soccer in his spare time. He wants everyone to know that he won 3rd place in a state poetry writing contest in middle school and has been living on cloud nine ever since.

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John Cooper

VP, Operations

John is an Idaho native and father of 3. Have been in the solar industry since 2015 and loves assisting in the finance and operations departments. He lives for sunburns on the weekends.

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Corey Jackson

Director, Sales Support

Corey is a Utah native and one of Avolta’s most longstanding employees. Before that, he managed multiple KFCs, all while cutting his own hair